The Choirs 2014

Coro Canzona, Polonia

Choir Canzona, Poland – Category B

The Choir Canzona of Cultural Centre 105 in Koszalin was founded in March 1999. Since November 2009, the conductor of the ensemble is  Radosław Wilkiewicz. Choir members are mainly graduates of the Technical University of Koszalin, but also high school students and graduates of other national universities and are representing different professions. In its repertoire the group has varied – from early music to contemporary, religious, secular and folk as well as the development of negro spiritual, gospel, jazz standards and popular music. Significant last successes of the Choir are the following: 3 Bronze Stamps in International Choir Festival in Tampere in Finland  (2011), 2nd  Prize in the category of mixed choirs at XIV Choir Festival ‘Cantio Lodziensis’ in Łódź (2011), Awards Winner at the ‘Provincial Review Choir and Chamber Ensembles’ in Szczecin (2013), The Brown Diploma at II National Marian Song Festival ‘Ave Maria’ in Chojnice (2013), 2nd  Place and Silver Torch in the VI International ‘Festival of Marian Choral Song’ in Częstochowa (2013). Also significant events in the history of the choir are performance vocal-instrumental works: Jan Szopiński – Missa Brevis, Marek Jasiński – Domini est terra, Aleksander Greczaninow – MissaFestiva, Francesco Durante – Magnificat, Urmas Sisask – Eesti Missa, Paweł Łukaszewski – Litany of the Martyrs of Międzyrzecze.

Corale Brasilia, Brasile

Choir Brasilia, Brasil – Categories B, D, E

In 19 years of activity, the Coral Brasilia became one of the choral references in Brazil and abroad. The group has made ​​several national and international trips, participating in competitions and festivals where received fourteen awards. Nowadays with about 40 members, is dedicated almost exclusively to the promotion of Brazilian choral repertoire, in which are represented the most qualified compositions and arrangements. The Choir sang in Argentina, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. As a result of the last two contests, in 2010 and 2012,  the Choir was awarded with a Gold Medal for the  category mixed Choirs, in the 6th International Robert Schumann Choir Competition (Germany); first prize for Folklore Music category, two second prizes for Mixed Choirs and Religious Music categories, and a special prize for “the best performance of the Russian composer’s work”, in the X International Festival of Choral Art “The Singing World” and VIII International Competition of Choral Art “The Singing World” (Russia). Currently the conductor of the choir is Mr. Eder Camúzis.

Coro Laiks, Lettonia

Choir Laiks, Latvia – Categories B, E

The Laiks choir (Liepaja city, Latvia) was founded in 2005 and during its existence it has participated successfully in several choral music events of different kind, and in various competitions and festivals. The choir has given concerts in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany. Important events: 2013 – XIX International Stasys Šimkus choir competition, ‘Grand Amber Prize’ (Klaipeda, Lithuania); 2013 – Sixth Liepaja concert ‘4+4 squared’ by R.Zalupe – world premiere in collaboration with Liepaja Symphony orchestra (LSO) and Riga Saxophone Quartet (Liepaja, Latvija); 2012 – ‘Stabat Mater’ by Karl Jenkins at 760th anniversary of Klaipeda city in collaboration with  the orchestra of Klaipeda State Musical Theatre, Lithuanian choirs and soloists (Klaipeda, Lithuania); 2012 – G.F.Handel ‘Messiah’ in collaboration with the conductor Andris Veismanis, LSO, chamber choir ‘Ave Sol’ (Riga, Latvia), the soloists of the Latvian National Opera (Liepaja, Latvia); 2009 – Duke Ellington’s ‘Sacred Concert’ in collaboration with LSO and the composer Raimonds Pauls (Liepaja, Latvia); 2009 – 2nd International Emīls Dārziņš choir competition, 4th place in the category of mixed choirs (Riga, Latvia); 2007 – VII International festival of sacred music ‘Silver bells’, Award of 1st degree, 3rd place in mixed choirs category (Daugavpils, Latvia).

Vocal Ensemble Unanime, Poland – Category E

Unanime Vocal Ensemble an initiative of Anna Marek-Kamińska was established in 2011. The aim of the choir is to discover and celebrate the choral tradition of the whole world, advancing knowledge and vocal technique necessary for optimal performance of diversified choral repertoire. Unanime Vocal Ensemble takes an active part in concerts, which are appreciated not only by the audience, but also by critical acclaim. Its repertoire includes works of sacred music from the Renaissance to contemporary, Negro spirituals and entertainment pieces. The group often takes part in choral festivals and strives for the best performance of the presented works. Its achievements are: 3rd place in XVI International Festival of Sacred Music ‘Cantate Deo’ in Rzeszów in 2012, 2nd place in III National Festival of Choral Music ‘Sacra Ecclesiae Cantio’ in Tarnów – September 2012; Gold Band in XXII  International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music in Prague (Czech Republic) – December 2012, Silver String in ‘Małopolska Choir Competition of Gold String’ in Niepołomice – April 2013, Brown Diploma in IX Kazimierz Fober International Festival of Choirs “Gaude Cantem” in Bielsko-Biała – October 2013.

Coro Tonos Humanos, Colombia

Choir Tonos Humanos, Colombia – Categories B, D, E

The Tonos Humanos Choir, based in Medellin, Colombia comprises about 32 amateur singers who have built a reputation for singing, a wide-ranging repertoire of both a cappella and accompanied music from the XV century to the present day, including several premiers in Colombia. In 1996 Tonos Humanos performed for the first time outside the country on an International Choral Festival in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 1997, the ensemble participated in the 5th International Choir Competition ‘G.P. da Palestrina’ in Rome, where it was awarded the Silver Medal in the Category A: mixed choirs with compulsory work.  In 1998 it took part in the 5th International Choir Festival in Yucatán, México and in 1999 Tonos Humanos obtained the third place at the International Choir Contest ‘Cantate Maasmechelen’ in Belgium. In year 2004 Tonos Humanos was awarded as a winner of the Malta Choir Festival and competition that took place in the Malta Island. Tonos Humanos has also been invited by the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango which is one of the most important concert halls in the country, to perform in years 1998, 2004 and 2006. The choir released cd recordings Vamos al Portal  in year 1998 and Señores Vengo del Cielo in year 2006. Its more recent recording comprises children`s songs for four voices with Colombian and Latin-American composers. For  its 25th anniversary  celebration the choir presented the Vespro della Beata Vergine by Claudio Monteverdi, which was presented in Medellin and Bogotá. In year 2010 the most relevant repertoire has been the series of Bach Cantatas. In year 2011 took part in the International Arezzo Competition where the choir was awarded first place in folklore. In 2013 was one of the Pilot Choirs of America Cantat 7 in Bogotá, Colombia. The choir is conducted by Cecilia Espinosa Arango.

Coro Gaudeamus, Russia

Choir Gaudeamus, Russia – Categories B, D

The Choir Gaudeamus was founded in November 1999. The members of the choir are students and graduates of the Irkutsk State University. The choir is an active participant of the Local Christmas and Easter Music Festivals. Annually Gaudeamus gives solo concerts in the Organ Hall of Irkutsk. In August 2005, Gaudeamus participated in the International Choral Festival ‘Singing world’ in Saint – Petersburg, Russia. The choir was awarded commemorative medal and honorary diploma. In 2010, the choir won the Cup and Silver Diploma in the II International Music Festival (Bratislava, Slovakia) at the ‘Sacred music and A cappella’ nomination. The choir was participating in the 11th International Festival of University Choirs ‘Universitas Cantat 2013’ from 26 to 29 of July of 2013. The choir deserved recognition of the Polish audience. Gaudeamus gave two charity concerts in November of 2013. In January of 2014, the choir participated in the Big Christmas Concert in Irkutsk Drama Theater.  By now, the choir is looking forward to gaining an opportunity to continue its development and improve its performing skills. Today the choir of the Law Institute of the ISU Gaudeamus – is the pride and a visiting card of the University under the leadership of Oksana Boukreeva. The choir of the Law Institute of the ISU is a friendly team of students, whom unite music, singing, and creativity.

Coro Femminile Učka, Croazia

Female Choir Učka, Croatia – Categories A, D

In 1954 in Matulji was founded the Cultural Association Učka and in 1962, inside the association, Leo Ivančić founded the Female Učka Choir. In the Eighty years the members of the choir increase thank the transition of the singers from the elementary choir to the big female choir. Učka Choir performed many concerts in the Country and abroad. In 1995 Nedeljka Srebovt became the conductor of the choir. In 2002 the choir performed an important concert in the Government Palace in Fiume; the concert was filmed and was recorded the CD ‘Dar od srca’. The choir collaborated with the composer Ljubomir Kuntarić and performed the premiere of two Slovenian Songs ‘Munska maša’ and ‘Otče naš’. In 2011, for its 50 years under the conductor of Saša Matovina, was recorded a CD ‘Zlato po Učkun’ and a video ‘Djevojka sa sela’. In its varied repertoire the choir has pieces from Istria and Croatia, and songs of the composer Ivan Matetić Ronjgov, like ‘Ćaće moj’, Vrnitev’, ‘Pod Učkun’. Many generations of singers has attended the choir with enthusiasm and love. Nowadays the choir has 23 members.

Coro Maschile dei Minatori, Polonia

Male Miner’s Choir, Poland – Categories A, E

Górniczy Chór Męski (Male Miner’s Choir), whose patron is KGHM Polska Miedź SA O/ZG “LUBIN”, was established in the year 1980. Lubin is a town situated in Lower Silesia in the south-west part of Poland. It’s a capital of Polish Copper Region – one of the biggest copper and silver producer’s in the world. The members of the Choir consist mainly of employees of copper industry, as well as retired miners and students. The core activity of the Choir is popularising music culture in the miner’s environment. The work in the Choir is voluntary. The ensemble is continuously enriching its repertoire, which consist of hundreds of songs. As often as it is possible it takes part in choir competitions and tournaments. Since its beginnings the choir has given over 1100 concerts in Poland and abroad. Hundreds of hours spent on rehearsals has contributed to many successes distinctions and awards  (i.e. gold and bronze medals at The International Choir Competition and Festival “Canco Mediterrania” 2013). The conductor of the choir is Mr Krzysztof Kujawski, music teacher and conductor graduate of the Music Academy in Łódź. He is also mining engineer graduate of the University of Technology in Wrocław.

Il Coro dell'Universita Diponegoro, Indonesia

Diponegoro University Choir, Indonesia – Categories B, D, E

Diponegoro University Choir is founded since October 1972 by the students council of Diponegoro University (Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia). Diponegoro University Choir is not only a place for students who love music and singing being gathered, but also being a symbol that hard work and effort is a obligation in order to achieve the main purposes and perfection. Diponegoro University Choir now is giving a full trust to Jefry Franklin Bode as a coach, brother, and motivator at once for all members. These are the achievements for last 3 years: three Gold Medals for Mixed,  Female, Folklore Choir 1st  International Choir Festival & Competition, Hoi An, Vietnam 2011; Champion Winner Mixed and Female Choir 1st International Choir Festival & Competition, Hoi An, Vietnam 2011; Champion of Champions and Winner of Hoi An Prize at the 1st International Choir Festival & Competition, Hoi An, Vietnam 2011; 2nd Place of LPS VII USM 2012 for Perti, Folklore, and Pop categories; Platinum Nomination for Folklore Category at the 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Championship, Guangzhou, China 2012; Gold Nomination for Mixed and Pop, Jazz, Gospel Category at the 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Championship, Guangzhou, China 2012; Achievement as one of Successful Participant from 6 choir groups nominated at 2013 Yeosu International Choir Competition and Festival, South Korea.

Il Coro Giovanile Liepaja, Lettonia

Liepajas Youth Choir Intis, Latvia – Categories B, D

Liepajas youth choir INTIS (The Irrational Synthesis of Imaginary Unsurpassable Noise) was founded in 1987 by conductor Ilze Valce. INTIS is the first chorus group in Liepaja entering contests of international level, as well as participating in festivals and concerts after regained independence of Latvia in 1990 introducing Liepaja worldwide, promoting the music of Latvian and specifically Liepaja composers, and winning awarded places and getting appreciation in choir competitions. It has participated in more than 20 different choir festivals and international choir competitions. During activity the group has had a productive cooperation with Liepaja Symphony Orchestra and with Liepaja Theatre – the choir INTIS has taken part in staging of seven operas and musical performances. Liepaja youth choir INTIS has participated in XX – XXV Nationwide Latvian Song Celebration events and finale of Choir Wars. The members of choir INTIS are pupils of secondary education institutions of Liepaja, students of Liepaja University and also other residents of Liepaja and its locality. The choir’s repertoire consists of original music by Latvian and foreign composers and of folk music arrangements.

Il Coro Concerto Glacensis, Polonia - Categorie B, E

Concerto Glacensis Choir, Poland – Categories B, E

Concerto Glacensis Choir, Klodzko, (Poland) is made up of amateur singers of different ages and occupations. It was established in 1998 year by conductor Katarzyna Maka. The aim of choir activity is to disseminate music education and preparation to conscious reception of classical music. The choir have in its repertoire oratory and a cappella pieces of diverse epochs and styles including cooperation with Czestochowa Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland). Concerto Glacensis Choir was awarded in national and international competitions, among them: 2007,1st prize, Grand Prix, Silesia Cantat, The Choir Festival in Glogow (Poland); 2007, 2nd place, National Festival of Christmas Carols in Bedzin (Poland);2008, Silver Diploma, 4th International Choir Festival Mundus Cantat in Sopot (Poland); 2009, Gold Diploma,19th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music Praha (Czech Republic); 2010, 2nd prize for The Female Chamber Choir, International Choir Festival in Krakow (Poland); 2011, 1st prize and the special prize of the Marshal of  Slask, The National of Christmas Carols in Bedzin (Poland); 2012,1st prize, Gold Diploma, The National Choir Festival of Christmas Carols in Chelmno (Poland); 2012, Gold Diploma in Canta al Mar (Spain).

Il Coro Studentesco Hulak–Artemovsky del Collegio di Musica Cherkassy, Ucraina - Categorie B, D

Students’ Choir of Hulak–Artemovsky Cherkassy Musical College , Ukraina – Categories B, D

The Students’ Choir of Hulak–Artemovsky Cherkassy Musical College is quite young. The most members of the choir are students of 2 – 4 years of study. The choir is very versatile. The repertoire of the choir includes compositions of world classical music arrangements of folk songs as well as pieces of contemporary music. The members of the choir take an active part in concert life of the city. It is the centre of cultural and spiritual enrichment of growing young people. Last year the choir successfully cooperated with brass and chamber orchestras. In April 2013 the student’s choir of Cherkassy Music College became an owner of ‘Grand Prix’and two golden medals on International Choir Competition called ‘Slovakia Cantat 2013’ (Bratislava, Slovakia). Golden medals were won in two different categories: ‘academic mixed choir’ and ‘folk songs’. In November 2013 the student’s choir of Cherkassy Music College became a winner and the owner of Gold Cup in the folk category on International Choir Competition ‘Praga Cantat 2013’ (Prague, Czech Republic). Also Honor Cup was awarded choir conductor ‘for the excellent conducting’. Choirmaster Natalia Shmaraieva-Gozha graduated from The National Musical Pedagogical Dragomanov University with Masters’ degree in vocal and choir conducting disciplines. Also she graduated from The Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music with Specialist degree in choir conducting discipline.

L’Ensemble Vocale Rondo, Polonia - Categorie B, E

Vocal Ensemble Rondo, Poland – Categories B, E

Vocal Ensemble RONDO created in 2006, consists of graduates 1st Degree Wroclaw Musical School of  G. Bacewicz and former members of ‘Con Brio’ Choir, who currently attend Wroclaw’s upper schools and universities. RONDO’s achievements, among others: 2010 – 1st Prize in National Carols and Pastorales Contest in Chelmno, Poland;  2011 – 1st Prize in 4th Ohrid Choir Festival in Macedonia and Prize for the best repertoire; Golden Diploma in 7th International Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki’s Festival   Poland; 2012 – Grand Prix in Lower Silesian Carols and Pastorales Contest in Swidnica, Poland; Grand Prix in National Festival “Carols and Pastorales” Myslenice, Poland; 2013 1st Prize in International Choir Festival of Feliks Nowowiejski in Barczewo, Poland; Grand Prix in International Choir Festiwal “Gaude Cantem”  in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. 2014 – Gold Diploma at XII International Festival of Sacred Music “Musica Religiosa” in Olomuniec (Czech Republic); 2014 – 1st Prize at IV International Wroclaw Choir Festival “Vratislavia Sacra”;  2014 – Two RONDO CD’s released: 1. Carols, 2. Religious Music.

L'Ars Canto G.Verdi, Italia - Categoria C

Ars Canto G.Verdi, Italia – Category C

Ars Canto G. Verdi Choir was founded in 1990 as children choir. During the years the choir developed  in different levels: preparatory, children choir, young choir. Since 2010 the conductor I Gabriella Corsaro, graduated in singing at the Vibo Valentia Conservatoire. Now the members of the choir are 6 – 21 years old. The choir in quality of Teatro Regio Children Choir, in Parma took part in opera and symphonic productions. The repertoire ranges from Gregorian chants to contemporary music, and recently also jazz music. Ars Canto G. Verdi Choir was the unique choir awarded at the 55th international Competition in Arezzo (children choir category); in 2009 the choir won the Franchino Gaffurio Competition (young choir category). The choir took part al all editions of Verdi Festival. For its social activity the choir was awarded with “ the ability to spread the musical culture like an essential part in the intellectual and ethics growth of the person”. Since 2012 the choir cooperates with Les Petits Chanteurs de Strasbourg. The choir performed the prima of ‘Alice, Cantata per bambini’ by Ailem Carvajal. Bartoletti defined it “one of the best european young choirs”.

Ensemble Cantoholics, Austria - Categoria C

Ensemble Cantoholics, Austria – Category C

The Ensemble Cantoholics is recruited from the great choir of the Musikgymnasium Innsbruck, who exists since 1990 at the school for young musicians in Innsbruck. The group is made by eight ladies and seven gentlemen. Founded by Siegfried Portugaller the choir has taken part in numerous competitions: ‘Musikfestival for the Young“ in Neerpelt/Belgium twice, where it got the first prices cum laude and in ‘Canta al Mar’, Barcelona 2013. Also in the Austrian Federal Choir Competition (Bundesjugendsingen) the ensemble could succeed seven times in succession in the past decades and was repeatedly awarded excellent. What brings the group together is its love for music, its fascination about expressing feeling with the voices in perfect harmony, which let the singers feed on the richness of music and really enjoy it. Moreover, singing makes friends and brings people together.

Coro Resonance, Repubblica Ceca - Categoria C

Children’s Choir Resonance, Czech Republic – Category C

Children’s Choir Resonance made ​​up of pupils Resonance vocal department Art Schools Třebíč. In its four departments it works with singers aged 4 to 18 years old. Key events include the Festival of Sacred Music ‘Musica Sacra über die Grenzen’, which is held alternately in the Austrian and Czech territory. The choir was awarded in many competitions: gold zone of the regional round of the DPS in Brno (April 2002); prize for the best conductor and gold band in the regional Highlands in April 2003 with the procedure in the national show in Rychnov. In 2012 the choir won the silver medal in the National Competition Porta Musicae New Jicin. In the years 2005 – 2012 the choir finished rehearsing gold zone at regional and county show DPS and advanced to the National show in Rychnov, Pardubice and Uničova. The choir regularly participates in the competition also show songs Garden Prague, where this year also took silver position. The choir organizes its own concert performances such as singing Festival Třebíčské Rezonování also his competition organized parades and festivals.  The choir actively participates in the so-called “educational concerts” entitled Playful Resonování or accompanies the Christmas concert of popular singer Petra Bendeho. The selection of tracks depends mostly on the director and  includes classical and folk songs, spirituals and jazz through versions and musical and pop tunes. In the file during its existence gave way to 120 singers, currently has 46 members.

Coro Accademico da Camera, Polonia - Categoria B

Academic Choir Coro Da Camera of the Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland – Category B

The academic choir Coro Da Camera of the Poznań University of Life Sciences was established in 1993. Members of the choir include students and graduates of the University of Life Sciences and other higher education institutions in Poznań. The choir’s repertoire includes a variety of styles and musical forms – ranging from early to contemporary music, from classics to more entertaining, lighter songs. Coro Da Camera regularly appears at academic ceremonies held at the University of Life Sciences. Moreover, the choir is actively engaged in concerts held in Poznań, Poland and abroad. In 2013 the choir celebrated 20th anniversary of its artistic activity. On this occasion, the choir performed, in cooperation with the Baroque Orchestra of the Academy of Music in Poznan, Magnificat in G minor by Antonio Vivaldi and also released a commemorative album containing mentioned masterpiece. The choir has also participated in many festivals and competitions both in Poland and abroad. The most important are: 1st F. Mendelssohn International Choir Competition in Dautphetal, Germany (Silver Diploma); Crystalex Chor 97 International Choir Competition, Czech Republic (Silver Diploma and the Special Prize for the best performance of the compulsory piece awarded by composer Zdenek Lucas); 12th International Stasis Šimkus Choir Competition in Klaipeda, Lithuania; 4th Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival, Alto Adige, Italy; 6th International G. G. Gorczycki Chełmno Choral Meetings in Chełmno, second place; 8th National Review of Sacral Song Vox Domini in Prusice, third place. 

Coro a Voci Bianche Avrora, Russia - Categoria C

Children’s choir Avrora, Russia – Category C

The Children’s choir Avrora was founded in 2009. It is the eldest choir of Children’s school of arts n. 16. Since the founding the director of the choir is Anastasia Belyaeva. Children of 10-15 years sing in the senior chorus. The choir has been awarded prizes at several national and international competitions, such as Victorious Spring (2010), Sing me that song (2010), With Love to Russia (2011), Clear is the Azure Firmament (2012), History of the Russian State (2012), Singing Universe (2013), Silver Sound (Сzech Republic, 2013). The choir’s repertory is wide and varied. During these years it has sung different pieces of classical music of different epochs, countries, styles and genres.  The director of the choir – Anastasia Belyaeva – has won several prizes and has been especially commended both as a conductor and as a teacher. In 2011 Anastasia was awarded a prize at Best in Trade Competition held for Moscow music teachers working at children’s schools of music. In 2013 has won the first prize at the Competition for Young Conductors in Moscow, and a special prize at the 7th International Competition for Young Choral Conductors.

Junger Coro Koblenz, Germania - Categoria D

Junger Choir Koblenz, Germany – Category D

In 2007 the council of the Choral Association and of the Music School of Koblenz asked themselves why  young people from 24 to 24 years old, in the town, didn’t sing in choirs, while there were many singers among children and adults. The causes were that they needed a choral project for this age group with flexible time for rehearsals and arrangements from pop, jazz and gospel music. Jürgen Böhme, for his creativeness, his determination and personal diligence, became the conductor of this new choral reality in Koblenz. Since its foundation Böhme is choir manager, artistic director, conductor, composer, arranger, singer, pianist, vocal coach. In the executive team there are Mohani Poulet, who conducts the choir while Böhme sings with the basses or plays the piano. Poulet takes care of the public relations. The repertoire of the choir ranges from popular songs in modern arrangement, to gospel, spiritual, swing and blues music to pieces of German composers like Die Ärzte or Tim Bendzko. From the beginning of its activity, attended  the Junger Chor Koblenz more than 70 young singers.

Vocal Group Aurora, Slovenia – Category A

Vocal Group Aurora, Slovenia – Category A

Vokalna Skupina Aurora, Ljubljana (Vocal Group Aurora Ljubljana) has grown out of the friendship and love for singing of some of the ex members of Girls Choir Aurora SVŠGL which has with great success worked at Secondary School for preschool teacher and gymnasium in Ljubljana – SVŠGL for twenty years under the leadership of Janja Dragan Gombač. In the last tree years, since it was founded in 2011, Vocal Group Aurora has been together with their conductor and artistic leader Janja Dragan Gombač  developing an ambitious repertoire comprising Slovene and international choral music. In 2013 Britten’s Ceremony of Carols with the harpist Sophia Ristic was especially well received by the audience. Janja Dragan Gombač has graduated at Ljubljana Music Academy. As a choir conductor she has worked with children, youth and mixed choirs. With Girls Choir Aurora she has achieved gold prize and category winner at Riva del Garda 2002, Young Prague 2007, Bratislava 2008, Cum laude at Neerpelt 2006.  She attended master class with Tőnu Kaljuste and Frieder Bernius. She works as music pedagogue at  SVŠGL.

Gruppo Vocale Prismatico InCanto, Italia - Categorie A, B, E

The Vocal Group Prismatico InCanto, Italia – Categories A, B, E

The Vocal Group Prismatico InCanto was founded in the frame of a contemporary music project organized by Fabrizio Bartalucci at the Livorno Mascagni Music School in the academic year 2012-2013. Its members are students of several disciplines. The debut of the choir was on 10 April 2013, when the choir performed the piece ‘Considera il vetro’ by  Pavel A. Florenskij   (eight voices, five parts) at the ‘Suoni Inauditi’ International Contemporary Music Festival. The voice search is focused mainly on the word and its outcomes, the stratification sound of his references, working at both even and odd voices. In November 2013 the group took part at the III International Choral Competition in Matera, Italy, where it won the First Prize and two Special Prizes. Fabrizio Bartalucci is a composer, teacher and choral conductor; he published the book ‘Teoria della musica. Simbolo, numero e bellezza’ (second edition in 2011).

Coro dei Bambini di San Juan, Porto Rico - Categorie C, E

San Juan Children’s Choir, Puerto Rico – Categories C, E

An enthusiasm for classical music converged in the fifties with the presence of Maestro Pablo Casals in Puerto Rico and the creation of the Puerto Rico Casals Festival. This dynamic music atmosphere gave life to the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra and the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory. The Coro de Niños de San Juan made its appearance  in  the  local  cultural  scene  in  1966,  with  Maestro  Casals  as  its  mentor. He discovered in Evy Lucío Córdova a unique gift for choral direction and the development of artistic talent in children. Under the trained hand of its founder and current artistic director, the choir grew and transformed into a musical group with international transcendence. The choir received the distinction of Goodwill Emissaries by the Puerto Rico State Department. Today they can proudly state that they are considered one of best children’s choirs in the world according to the opinion of renowned musicians such as Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki and maestro Constantin Orbelian, director of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra. The choir has a preferred niche in the Puerto Rican music history. The choir has represented Puerto Rico and the United States through its concerts in prominent international venues such as Wiener Musikverein in Vienna, Royal Albert  Hall  in  London,    L’Ermitage  Palace  in  St.  Petersburg-Russia,  Teresa  Carreño Theater in Bogotá-Colombia, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall of New York.

Coro Ars Cantandi dell’Università di Economia di Wroclaw, Polonia - Categoria B

Wroclaw University of Economics Choir Ars Cantandi, Poland – Category B

The Wroclaw University of Economics Ars Cantandi Choir started its activity in 2005. Most of its participants are students and graduates of Wroclaw University of Economics – people who love singing and music. The choir participates in ceremonies at Economic University and in special events around Wroclaw and Lower Silesia academic scene. Choir has also participated in festivals, concerts & competitions in Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Macedonia. Last choir’s successes are:1st place in XXIIth Festival of Choral Song ‘Carols&Bucolics’ in Myslenice, (January 2013); 2 Gold Medals in 41th International Choir Festival of Songs in Olomouc, Czech Republic  (June 2013); 1 Prize in Ohrid Choir Festival in Macedonia (August 2013); 1 Prize & special prize for the best conductor in International Choral Festival “Wratislavia Sacra” in Wroclaw (April 2014). The Choir Ars Cantandi offers broad musical themes in its performance venue. Repertoire includes music of domestic and foreign composers from various ages with religious and secular themes. The ensemble performs many kinds of music – classical as well as gospel and pop music. The conductor is Anna Grabowska-Borys; conductor assistant: Magdalena Truszkowska.

Damenes Aften, Norvegia - Categorie A, D

Damenes Aften, Norway – Categories A, D

Damenes Aften (Ladies evening) celebrated in 2012 their 20th anniversary, and they can look back on 21 active years in the area of Hamar, as well as several trips to other countries. Some of the highlights are three 1st places and Grand Prix in an international choir competition Sligo, Ireland 2013. Further on three 1st places in both Vienna, Austria in 2009 and Riva del Garda, Italy in 2007, as well as one 1st place and two 2nd places in an international choir competition in Sligo, Ireland, 2005. Damenes Aften has recorded 2 CD´s. The choir has also toured in Spain several times, and competed in a Habaneras-competition against some of the world’s best choirs. Damenes Aften is ranked as nr 13 among Top 50 choirs in Sacred music in Interkultur, Musica Mundi world ranking list and nr 53 among all choirs in their Top 1000 ranking list. Erland Dalen is educated from the University of Oslo and Hedmark University College. He is conducting different choirs and is touring all over the world. Erland Dalen write music for choirs. He is also an adjudicator in international choral competitions.

Coro Mundus Cantat del Festival di Sopot, Polonia, Categorie B, D

Sopot Festival Choir Mundus Cantat SSW, Poland – Categories B, D

The Sopot Festival Choir Mundus Cantat SSW was founded in August 2009. Mundus Cantat unites singers from various backgrounds, including experienced vocalists and students. As a mixed chamber choir, its diverse repertoire includes sacred and secular works spanning from the early to contemporary musical eras as well as popular music from today. Its members have performed in many major musical events, most notably a recent concert of great film hits from the rich repertoire of Ennio Morricone during the Solidarity Festival. August and September of 2010 took Mundus Cantat to Mexico, to take part in the XI International Choral Festival Mundial de Coros and its first performance tour. Songs by Frederic Chopin rang out in Iskuar de Matamoros, Choluli, Tepeace, Pueblo and Cautatli and in the capital, Mexico City. In August 2011 Mundus Cantat took part in the International Choral Festival in Kragujevac in Serbia, where the choir performed in several concerts in Šumadija. Later that year, the Sopot Festival Choir was awarded Second Prize at the Festival of Kashubian Carols in Pierwoszyno. In June 2011, Mundus Cantat took a great artistic tour of Columbia, singing on stages from Bogota to Medellin. In September 2012, the artistic direction has been given to a young graduate of the Music Academy in Gdansk, Wiktoria Batarowska. She has already achieved many artistic accomplishments and is now a lecturer at her Alma Mater. In January 2013 Mundus Cantat won the Golden Ribbon at the VIII Competition of Carols and Christmas Songs in Chełmno. Mundus Cantat won its first Grand Prix award at the Antonin Dvorak International Choir Festival in Prague, Czech Republic. Every May, Mundus Cantat, Baltic Artistic Agency BART and the City of Sopot co-host many choirs from all of the world during the International Choir Festival Mundus Cantat Sopot. Mundus Cantat is united by the love and joy of making music together.

Coro Femminile Noktirne, Lettonia - Categorie A, D

Female Choir Noktirne, Latvia – Categories A, D

Noktirne Female Choir of Tukums city, Latvia, was founded in 1973 year. Since then choir has participated in contests, festivals with a highest results and the last two was international competition ‘Silver bells’ in Daugavpils, Latvia, where it gained 3rd place in choirs with equal voices categorie and XIX ‘International Stasys Šimkus Choir Competition’ where it gained 1st place in choirs with equal voices categorie. From the years of founding the choir singers is mainly mother – daughter making the choir unique.  Now the Noktirne Female Choir  is conducted by Jānis Almanis and Ritma Zāģere. Jānis Almanis has graduated the Music academy of Jazeps Vitols of Latvia in 2013; he has won the competition for young choir conductors (2008 Latvia) and participated in international competitions for conductors at Budapest (2011) and Saint-Petersburg (2013). Ritma Zāģere is well known as a singer, vocal teacher and choir master in Latvia. Noktirne Choir mainly sings modern and folk music and has given countless concerts in Latvia and abroad.

L’Associazione Culturale Priamo Gallisay Corale Maschile, Italia - Categorie D, E

Priamo Gallisay Cultural Association Mens’ Choir, Italy – Categories D, E

The Priamo Gallisay Cultural Association and its choir was founded by a group of singers with different experiences; the conductor is Sandro Pisanu aware that the Nuoro’s inhabitants has a passion for the music. In fact, in the city there are 11 choirs. The repertoire ranges from popular music to sacred and secular music, from gospel to the opera music. In 2010 the choir took part at the National Competition ‘Riviera Etrusca’ in Piombino where won the First Prize for popular music and the Second Prize in sacred music category. The choir has performed concerts with numerous music associations and singers: Music Association Diapason (Nuoro), Music Association L. Canepa (Sassari), ‘Musica per tutti’ Association (Sestu), Sonos de Sardigna Brass Quartet (Sassari), San Giorgio String  Orchestra (Sestu), Intermezzo Association (Nuoro), TAIFA (Nuoro), Polyphonic Choir Logudorese (Bonorva), Maurizio Carta Choir (Oristano) , soprano Maria Bonaria Monne, actor and regista Alessandro Arrabito (Nuoro), organist Andrea Sarigu (Cagliari). In July 2012 the Priamo Gallisay Cultural Association organized the 1° Singing and Sacred Music Festival  in the Santa Maria della Neve Cathedral , in Nuoro, with others choirs, the sopranos Maria Bonaria Monne and Maria Ladu, the pianist Andrea Certa and the organist Simone Porcu. In May 2013 the choir took part at the Sangerstevne Choral Festival in London.  In June 2013 the choir recorded its first CD . In August 2013 the choir organized the second edition of the Singing and Sacred Music Festival, with others choirs, the soprano Maria Bonaria Monne, the organist Antonella Chironi, the saxophonist Mauro Usai and the string quartet ‘Il Violino’.

Coro Belcanto, Polonia - Categoria C

Choir Belcanto, Poland – Category C

Belcanto is a choir of Music Primary School. The choir was established in 1973 by Iwona Mróz-Dudek. Since then Belcanto has performed at many school concerts and on stages outside school. With their conductor, the choir have won numerous prizes and honours at Polish and international festivals. The young singers have co-operated with Szczecin Opera, performed on the radio and television, and recorded CDs. As a result of many achievements, Belcanto has been invited to perform at Szczecin Philharmonic Hall, together with professional musicians. The choir sang music written by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, for the Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists – Eleonora Bednarska and Tamara Czaplińska. Very valuable and important for Belcanto was perennial co-operation with Marek Jasiński, who is now the school’s patron. He was the author of coverage of many pieces, including the coverage of Christmas carols, which the choir have sang a number of times on different stages. Roman Kraszewski, Piotr Klimek, Krzesimir Dębski, Aleksander Koszewski, and Józef Świder are also important figures for the Belcanto Choir. Currently the conductor of choir Belcanto is Szymon Wyrzykowski. He is a graduate of Antoni Wit class, at Musical University in Warsaw.

Coro Femminile Cantus Ante Omnia, Croatia - Categorie A, E

Girls’ Choir Cantus Ante Omnia, Croatia – Categories A, E

Cantus Ante Omnia Girls’ Choir was founded in August 2007 as a citizens’ association of choir singing enthusiasts. The aim of the Association is to gather and educate as many young singers as possible and to contribute to the increasingly enhancing picture of Croatian choir scene in the country as well as abroad through its diverse and artistically challenging repertoire. In the choir today there are around fifteen girls of various ages and occupations who have found an admirable way to build friendships through systematic artistic work in the noble atmosphere of good music. The repertoire of the choir consists of valuable pieces of artistic and folklore heritage from various periods of history and geographical areas, languages and dialects. Recently, the choir’s concert repertoire has been enriched with successful adaptations of popular, gospel and jazz music, and the choir has shown particular sensibility in interpreting contemporary pieces. Since its establishment in 2007, Cantus ante omnia has performed on numerous occasions and on choir competitions such as the 56th Europees Muziekfestival Voor de Jeugd (Neerpelt, Belgium), the 27th Internationaler Franz Schubert Choirwettbewerb (Wien, Austria, 2010.), Praga Cantat (2012.), 1st European Choir Games (2013) and won numerous prizes. The choir is conducted by its founder Snežana Ponoš.

Coro Beijing Asian Sports Village, Cina - Categoria D

Beijing Asian Sports Village Choir, China – Category D

The Beijing Asian Sports Village Choir was founded in September 1992 , and there are more than 50 members; the conductor is Ms Chen Jian, and the manager is Mr Li Guangxue. The choir has four voices  mixed. The choir took part  many times, in various events in Beijing , Chaoyang District and was awarded with more than 20 prizes; in 2011 the choir received  a special prize. The members of the choir, with joyful spirit,  realize their dream of singing together. The choir on behalf China joins the foreign communication with other organizations. Receiving visitors for games or choir concerts  reflects the Asian Sports Village style. The choir conductor, Ms Chen Jian, engaged in music education for 40 years, after retired he is still active in the music education. He is also one of the examiners of the China Conservatory of Music Grading Test Committee, of the China Dance Association and of the Beijing Asian Sports Village Choir. Ms Chen Jian has studied under the conductor Qiu Li, Yan Liangkun, Nie Zhongming, Hu Defeng, Zhong Weiguo and also under the famous conductor Mr Qiu Li.  The choir has participated in various competitions and exchange activities, and it has achieved good results.

Coro Mehrevatan, Iran - Categoria D

Choir Mehrevatan, Iran – Category D

Mehrevatan Choir was founded in 1998. It performed many concerts in Bahonar University, in Kerman. Mehrevatan Choir participated four times in the competition ‘Fadjr Music Festival’ in Iran, between 2008 and 2012 and  it was one of the best choir in this international festival. It had a performance in 2011 in South Korea International Competition and held a concert in the same year in Thailand. The repertoire of Mehrevatan Choir contains ancient songs such as : Mafshoo, Lalaei, Leila and Badoh. The general idea and the main aim of the choir is revive native music of Iran and with special emphasis the songs in Kerman dialect, which is being forgotten. The conductor of Mehrevatan Choir  is Masoud Nekooei. He is the manager of  the Institute of Music and the author of eleven books of poetry and music; he has also published  four choral a cappella music album, until now.

Coro Accademico del Collegio Gnesin dell’Accademia Russia di Musica, Russia – Categoria B

Academic Choir College Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, Russia – Category B

The Academic Choir College Gnesin Russian Academy of Music is a training team, in which students sing 2, 3 and 4 courses of the ‘Vocal Art’. Since 1996, the choir is headed Elena Kolmakova. The choir regularly participates in the concerts of the College, stands with independent programs, participates in various projects. With the participation of soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia and the Moscow Philharmonic were performed such works as ‘Stabat Mater’ by Dvorak, ‘Requiem’ by Mozart and many others. The choir performed many times, accompanied by the Symphonic, Chamber and Folk Orchestras College. With the active participation of the choir in College fulfilled such productions of operas as: Rimsky-Korsakov, ‘The Tale of Tsar Saltan’; Purcell, ‘Dido and Aeneas’; Mozart, ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’; Gluck, ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’; Prokofiev, ‘Love for three oranges’; Mussorgsky, ‘Sorochintsy fair’; Donizetti, ‘L’elisir d’amore’; Tchaikovsky, ‘Eugene Onegin’. Collective participated in concerts in the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Svetlanov Hall of the House of Music, the Concert Hall of the Gnesin College. In 2010, the choir won the First Prize at the International Competition of Choral and Vocal Music ‘Days of Slavic Literature and Culture’. In 2012, the choir became the winner of the Fifth International Festival of non-commercial choir art ‘Chorus inside’ in Moscow. In May 2012, together with the Academic Choir of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Academic Choir and Symphony Orchestra of the College were made by the Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music with the performance of Taneyev’s cantata ‘Ioann Damaskin’. In 2013, 2014 the choir has won the title of Laureate of the contest ‘Festos’ – ‘Choral Spring’.