Choirs 2019

Lautitia Mixed Youth Choir – Debrecen, Hungary

Conductor: József Nemes
Categories: C (Children and Youth Choirs), E (Sacred Music)

Lautitia Mixed Youth Choir was established in 2008 from the old students of the elementary school, between the age of 14-19. Recently they have participated in several competitions and festivals, but the most important are: the European Choir Championship, first prize in the mixed youth choir category at XVI Budapest International Choir Competition, the Grand Prix of National Zoltán Kodály Choir Competition and the Grand Prix of Polifonico Guido D’Arezzo International Choir Competition. Their latest result is the 1st prize in Zoltán Kodály VIII Hungarian Choir Competition in Budapest 2018 where they also got a special prize. Their enthusiasm and dedication to their artistic work that they brought with them from the Children’s Choir, so they stick to the colours and quality of Lautitia and they sing together for their own and for the audience’s pleasure. Website:,


Usmev – Prievidza, Slovakia

Conductor: Anezka Balusinska, Assistant Conductor: Daniela Januchova
Categories: A (Equal Voices Choirs), D (Folk/Gospel Music)

The Female Choir Usmev developed from the former members of the children’s and girls’ choir Usmev that was one of the most successful children’s choirs in Slovakia in the 1980s-1990s. In 2016, the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the children’s choir Usmev brought these enthusiastic singers back together again and they started a new journey as an adult female choir, built upon the years of their common singing history. The choir regularly shares their joy of choral singing through concerts in the Prievidza region as well as in the other parts of Slovakia. The biggest achievements of the Usmev Choir in its recent history include the golden prize in the Slovak National Choir Competition, adult choirs category in 2017, the 3rd prize in the female choirs category in the International Festival in Llangollen, Wales in 2017  and the Golden award and the 3rd prize in the adult choirs category at the International Choir Competition Voce Magna 2018 in Zilina, Slovakia. Usmev’s repertoire covers sacred as well as secular music from baroque to contemporary pieces, but a special part is devoted to the choral arrangements of traditional Slovak folk songs.  Website:,


Voice of Soul – Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Conductor: Nicky Malonda
Categories: B (Mixed Voices Choirs), E (Sacred Music)

Voice of Soul Choir was first formed on October 14, 2005, when a group of young men and women coming from Manado (North Sulawesi Province) and also from various denominations was domiciled in Jakarta and surrounding areas. When this group of young people who have a common hobby, a love and interest gathered then came the idea to form a choir. On the basis of that same longing soul, they formed a choir with the name “Voice of Soul Choir”. They have a deep desire to praise God through singing, such as the Psalmist says, “Bless the Lord O My Soul”. This Choir motto is taken from the title track “It is well with my soul” (Nyamanlah Jiwaku) as well as their theme song. Voice of Soul does service in almost all the churches in the capital Jakarta, besides performing concerts and ministry in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Voice of Soul is active in competitions in Indonesia and has also participated in some international competitions such: The 3rd Vietnam International Choir Competition 2013, The 3rd Sing’n’Joy Manila 2013, Philippine International Choir Competition 2014, Busan Choral Festival & Competition (BCFC), 8th Grand Prix Pattaya Thailand 2015 and Busan Choral Festival & Competition (BCFC) 2016. Currently Voice of Soul Choir is trained by Mr. Nicky Malonda. Website:


Musical Original Singers – Jersey, United Kingdom

Conductor: Imogen Nicholls
Categories: C (Children and Youth Choirs), E (Sacred Music)

From Jersey in the British Channel Islands, the Musical Originals Singers perform contemporary, a capella, classical repertoire written specifically for young people but which is nonetheless challenging and artistically rewarding. The Choir’s age range is 10 to 17 and is open to all, the only requirement being a love of singing to a high standard and a commitment to hard work. Under its founder and conductor, Imogen Nicholls, the Choir has achieved much success internationally in recent years. At the City of Derry Festival in 2015 they won both the Children’s and Female Voice national competitions. In 2017 they were in the final of the European Broadcasting Union’s Let the Peoples Sing competition in Helsinki and in 2018 they gave a live BBC concert to mark that achievement. This is the Choir’s third visit to the Rimini International Choral Competition. The Choir performs regularly in Jersey, including at the annual commemoration of the Island’s liberation from wartime occupation. All its members are proud to be representing their small island country today. Website:


Chorus Ostrava – Ostrava, Czech Republic

Conductor: Petra Rašíková
Categories: B (Mixed Voices Choirs), D (Folk/Gospel Music)

The mixed choir Chorus Ostrava was established in 2008, based at the Faculty of Economics in the Technical University of Ostrava. The choir mainly consists of ex-students and experienced ex-singers of the Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University Choir. The conductor of the choir is Mgr. Petra Rašíková who is the most talented student of Prof. Lumír Pivovarský, a famous music teacher and conductor and an icon of the choral scene in the Czech Republic. Chorus Ostrava often performs at ceremonial events at the Technical University and gives concerts not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The history of the choir includes successful concert appearances at choral festivals and competitions in Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Spain and France. In 2012 Chorus Ostrava was awarded a silver medal at the International Franz Schubert Competition in Vienna, Austria. In 2013 it won a gold medal at the International Gdansk Choir Festival, Poland and in 2014 a silver medal at the International Christmas and Advent Festival in Krakow, Poland. In July 2015 Chorus Ostrava won a gold and a silver medal at the prestigious choral festival The Singing World in Saint-Petersburg in Russia. At the end of the year 2015 the choir won two gold medals and special award for dramaturgy at Advent and Christmas International Festival in Bratislava. Last year the choir became the absolute winner and received three special awards at the International choral festival “Zlatna vila” in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The choir’s participation at the 24th International Festival of Academic Choirs in Pardubice, Czech Republic in July 2016 was a big success – among strong competition it won the Bohuslav Martinů Prize, gold medal in the mixed choirs’ category, 2nd place at Grand Prix and the University Of Pardubice Rector’s Prize. In 2017 the choir participated in the 10th Orientale Concentus International Choral Festival in Singapore, where it won a gold medal and was named absolute winners in mixed choirs category, a gold medal in folksongs category, a gold medal in sacred music category and special prize for the outstanding performance of the Singapore work. Later in the same year, Chorus Ostrava had another success at the International choral festival Voce Magna Žilina, Slovakia, where they received a gold medal and the second place in the mixed choirs’ category. In 2018 then brought 3rd place in the folk category at the 55th International Choir Competition in Austrian city Spittal an der Drau and absolute winner at the Varsovia Cantat 2018. Chorus Ostrava collaborates with Janáček´s Conservatory Orchestra and Janáček´s Philharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava. The choir’s repertoire encompasses almost all choral genres, from vocal polyphony to the works of contemporary composers. Some of its members are choirmasters of their own ensembles, which helps Chorus Ostrava to attain high artistic standards.  Mgr. Petra Rašíková, born 1981, graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University in 2005, studying Teaching for General Subjects for Secondary Schools – Musical Education and Conducting, under the leadership of prof. Lumír Pivovarský. She has gained valuable choral experiences in Children´s Studio Permoník, Ostrava University Choir and in The Ostrava Female Teachers´ Choir. Currently she is a conductor and an artistic leader of the Orlová Grammar School Mixed Choir with whom she has achieved great success in our country as well as abroad (Mexico, Switzerland, Italy). She also works as a vice principal at the Art School Ostrava (Hrabůvka) where she teaches solo singing. In September 2013 Petra Rašíková became the conductor of the mixed choir Chorus Ostrava, based at the Faculty of Economics the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. One of her biggest achievements includes winning a gold medal at the Competition of Conducting of the Pedagogical Faculties in Prague in 2002 and she has also obtained several awards for exceptional performances in conducting. In 2010 The Czech Choral Union awarded Petra Rašíková the best Junior Conductor. She is a member of the professional council of secondary choral singing called Nipos Artama Praha. She participates in juries regional and nationwide choir competitions. Website:


Academic Choir of the Ural Federal University – Ekaterinburg, Russia

Conductor: Svetlana Dolnikovskaya
Categories: B (Mixed Voices Choirs), E (Sacred Music)

The Academic Choir of the Ural Federal University (UPI Choir, 1955 – 1993) was re-created by Svetlana Dolnikovskaya in March 2003. Today the choir unites students, graduates and post-graduate students from different institutions of the University. The choir is a constant participant of regional, national, international contests, festivals and master-classes. The choir performs solo concerts both in Russia and abroad, for example in the famous cathedrals and concert halls: Otto Wagner Kirche and International Center Vienna (Austria), Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris and Eglise Saint-Pierre de Montmartre (France), the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Prague (Czech Republic), Vega Hall Takarazuka (Japan) and St. Petersburg State Academic Capella (Russia). Svetlana Dolnikovskaya, the artistic director and conductor of the choir, is an Honored Worker of the General Education of the Russian Federation, Winner of the All-Russian and International competitions, laureate of the Award of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region «For outstanding achievements in the sphere of literature and arts», laureate of numerous Grand Prix at choral competitions and festivals. Oksana Suslova, the concertmaster of the choir, is a laureate of the of the All-Russian and International competitions. Anton Lebedev, Ksenia Pepelyaeva are the choirmasters. In July 2017, the choir participated in the European Choir Games in Riga and took two gold diplomas in “Folklore a capella” and “Adult Choirs” categories. In July 2018, it participated in the World Choir Games (The Champions Competition) in Tshwane, South Africa, where they won three gold medals. The choir has won 10 Grand-Prix, 24 gold prizes, 5 silver and 2 bronze prizes in international contests and festivals in Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Macedonia (FYROM), Japan and Canada. Website:


Concert Choir Podsnhezhnik – Tomsk, Russia

Conductor: Julia Kovalenko
Category: C (Children and Youth Choirs)

The Concert Choir Podsnhezhnik (Snowdrop) was established in the academic year 1974/75 and consists of exemplary choral students from the Children’s School of Arts № 1 Named After A.G Rubinstein in Tomsk City. Since then it remains an active, creative activity performing training functions. In October 1987 the choir was awarded the honorary title “Exemplary Art Collective” and in 1997 the Children’s School of Arts № 1 was given the name “Snowdrop”. In January 2001 TSU alumna Julia Kovalenko became the conductor of the choir and under her leadership the choir “Snowdrop” has repeatedly and successfully participated in various choral competitions: 2009 – 7th Competition for  Academic Choirs and Vocal Ensembles “Singing Russia” Moscow (2nd  place) ; 2010 – 6th World Bronze Medal (China); 2012 – 6th Rimini International Choral Competition (Italy); 2013 – International Festival/Competition Siberia Lights Stars, (Tomsk Russia); 2013 – International Choir competition “Golden voices of Notre Dame” (Paris, France), Grand Prix and winner of the grade I diploma; 2014-2018 – Participant in all-Russia competitions; 2016 – Laureate of International Choir Competition/Festival Kazachkova Choral Society (Kazan, Russia); 2017 – 8th Regional Choral Competition children and youth choirs, academic choirs and vocal ensembles “Larks”, Winner of  grade I diploma; 2018  –  International Festival/Competition Siberia Lights Stars, (Novosibirsk Russia), Grand Prix and the absolute winner; 2019 – 1st degree Laureate of the all-Russian Contest of Patriotic Songs (Novosibirsk Russia); 2019 – 1st degree Laureate selected at the all-Russian Contest/Festival of the all-Russian Choral Society. Due to their high level the choir has become a base in the formation of conducting pupils from the graduation classes of the department and through conducting the choir, students receive their initial skills. Along with this, many students, especially soloists, receive basic vocal education and successfully perform not only in the concerts of the choir, but also in various contests and festivals.  Alongside the choral training the choir maintains an active concert schedule to promote choral music.  Their repertoire consists of about 60 works: classical, folk and contemporary choral music. During the last 3 years only, the choir has performed approximately 70 appearances, including at the most important concert halls of Tomsk. The Choir “Snowdrop” is a part of the city’s event “Gifted children in Tomsk”. Every year the Concert Choir “Snowdrop” is saturated with creative achievements. The audience appreciates the professional level of the execution and the professional level of performance of the most difficult concert repertoire like for example: Karl Jenkins’ “Adiemus” (accompanied by Tomsk academic Symphony Orchestra), Britten’s “Mass in Db, Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin” performed in the small Hall of the Philharmonic Society and Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater”.  In 2013, the Russian Choral Society, with the support of the President of the Russian Federation, started active work in their city and selected some participants from the Concert Choir “Snowdrop” to enter in the children’s choir of Russia. This huge children’s choir consisting of one thousand singers (10 people from each city)  was a participant in a Christmas concert at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg (conductor Gergiev Valery) and in the closing ceremony of the winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The young singers work to improve their vocal skills, taking part in master-classes each year with leading choral conductors of Russia and the international community like Alexander Solovyev, Professor Moscow Conservatory P. Tchaikovsky, head of the Chamber Choir of the CIM; Slavkin M.i.-composer, Member of the Union of composers of Russia, the leader of the choir of the Transfiguration; N. Averina, head of Vocal Ensemble “Spring” from Moscow and A.V. Zanorin, Rector of Saratov Conservatory. Versatile and purposeful teaching and educational work with pupils and active musical outreach provide a good basis for vocational guidance school graduates, many ex «Snowdrop» members continue their studies at the secondary and higher vocational schools.


Karameles – Kuldiga, Latvia

Conductor: Agnese Čīče
Categories: A (Equal Voices Choirs), D (Folk/Gospel Music)

Female Vocal Ensemble ‘Karameles’ was founded in 2012 in Kuldiga (Latvia) to fulfill Latvian culture with fresh, feminine and high quality sound and performance. Not only their unique vocal technique (tone), but also their diversity in repertoire is what makes them stand out from other vocal ensembles. They tend to think outside the box and are challenging themselves with every new composition they learn. With attitude and love for music ‘Karameles’ fills room with electric energy that makes them feel as one and makes their eyes shine brighter. From 2012 till now ‘Karameles’ ranks among the TOP 10 ensembles in Latvia (there are around 600 female vocal ensembles in Latvia). In 2018 they were nominated as 3rd best female vocal ensemble in the “Latvian Vocal Ensemble Competition 2018”, but this year ‘Karameles’ charmed the jury with their performance and won 1st place becoming the best amateur female vocal ensemble in Latvia. In 2012 ‘Karameles’ participated in The International Choir Festival and Competition Šiaulia Cantat 2018 and won the Grand Prix. Website:


REMEDIUM Choir of the Regional Medical Chamber in Szczecin – Szczecin, Poland

Conductor: Ryszard Handke
Category: E (Sacred Music)

The Remedium Choir was founded in 1998 from the former members of the Choir of Pomeranian Medical Academy. It consists of doctors of various specialties singing under the management of prof. Ryszard Handke. In their repertoire the ensemble has a cappella songs, both sacred and secular. The choir has participated in the performances of Requiem, Mass in C minor, Mass in C major “Coronation” by W. A. Mozart, Missa di Gloria by G. Puccini, Oratory “Creation of the World” and Missa Sancti Nicolai by J. Haydn, “Gloria” by A. Vivaldi, Requiem as well as Magnificat by J. Rutter and  Symphony No. IX  by L. van Beethoven. In 2003 the choir recorded the album “Adieu sweet Amaryllis”. Remedium Choir performs in and around Szczecin and has also given concerts in other cities in Poland and in Bremen, Berlin and Vilnius. In 2015 the choir took part in the International Choral Festival in Venice and in 2016 in Lago di Garda, Italy. The Choir received silver diplomas at the International Choir Festival in Międzyzdroje in 2017 and at the Festival “Cancion Mediterranea” in Lloret de Mar and Barcelona in 2018. Remedium Choir is a regular participant in Nationwide Festivals for Medical Choirs as well as National Concerts for Medical Choirs.


Subito – Chernivtsi, Ucraine

Conductor: Valentina Gordey
Category: B (Mixed Voices Choirs)

The choir of Chernivtsi College of Arts named after S. Vorobkevych, Subito, was founded more than half a century ago. For many years, it has represented not only the college’s choir conducting department, but also the whole educational institution. A distinctive feature of the choir is the age of its members that leads to light filigree sound. Their repertoire is diverse and, despite the annual change of participants, constantly renewed. Since 2001, the choir has been directed by Valentina Gordey, under whose leadership the group is an active participator in city and regional events: All-Ukrainian and International choir competitions under the name The Student Choir of the College of Arts named after S.Vorobkevych. They have won: First Prize of the XXth Festival/Contest of Choral Art “South Palmira” named after O. Zaitseva (Odessa, Ukraine 2013), 2nd Prize at the XXXIII International Festival of Contest of Sacred Choral Music (Hajnowka, Poland 2014), First Prize, of the All-Ukrainian Contest of Vocal and Choral Arts “Perlyny Mojeji Krainy”, in memory of A. Avdiyevsky (Ukraine, Odessa 2016), First Prize at the 5th International Festival/Competition of Choral music named after G. Musichesku (Iassy,Romania 2017), 2nd Prize, of the VIII International Krakow Choral Festival/Contest of Spiritual and Christmas Music (Krakow, Poland 2017), III Prize, at the first All-Ukrainian Festival/Competition of Choral Arts named after V.Pekar  (Rovno, Ukraine 2018), the Grand Prix at the IX International Vocal Choir Competition in memory of L. Kadenyuk (Ukraine, Chernivtsi 2018) and the First Prize at the VIII All-Ukrainian Choir Competition named after N.Leontovich (Ukraine, Kiev 2018). Website: 


Krasnoyarsk City Children’s Choir – Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Conductor: Ludmila Stebenkova
Category: D (Folk/Gospel Music)

Krasnoyarsk City Children’s Choir was founded in 1971 by Ludmilla Stebenkova and since then it has been directed by her. Since its foundation the choir has participated in many famous choral and musical events (Children of the World in Harmony, 1999, the World of Children’s Choirs, 2001, Songbridge, 2006, Eurotreff, 2011) and has undertaken several 2 and 3-months North American tours (under the name of the Little Eagles of Siberia). They have participated in Europa Cantat and IFCM events and they have won the Children’s Choirs categories of CIT Tolosa (2003), Canta al Mar (2012), and the Grand Prix (the Artek Sparkles, the Crimea, 2005, Music and Sea, 2015, Greece). Krasnoyarsk City Children’s Choir received gold and silver medals at the World Choir Games in Sochi, 2016 and have participated several times in national and regional choral and musical events, awarded by numerous prizes, and are members of the big mass choir “Russia”. Ludmilla Stebenkova, the conductor, has been a devoted choral promoter for over 40 years, cooperates with international choral and musical organizations, choirs and composers in the creation of new pieces. She has been head and a member of Jury in numerous national competitions and festivals. Website:


PRG Choir POLDA Bali – Denpasar, Indonesia

Conductor: Tommyanto Kandisaputra
Category: D (Folk/Gospel Music)

PRG (Praise to the Righteous God) Choir is a choir that praise the true God.  Its 88 singers are members of the National Police and are currently serving in the Bali Regional Police. The Choir was formed on December 3, 2018 with 88 members of the Bali Regional Police, directly by the Chief of Bali Regional Police, Inspector General Dr.  Petrus Reinhard Golose. The PRG Choir was formed with a mission to promote tolerance, mutual respect and respect for differences that we must unite starting from Bali to Indonesia and even the world.  This attitude of tolerance is due to the fact that the members of the PRG choir not only have members of the National Police who are Christians but also members who are Hindu and Islamic with 80% of the members of the PRG Choir being Hindu. The PRG Choir is led by the choir conductor, founder and director of Bandung Choral Society: Tommyanto Kandisaputra who was invited from Bandung by the Chief of Bali Regional Police to coach the choir since their formation. They were very proud of this extraordinary opportunity because the PRG Choir was the first choir in Indonesia with 88 National Police officers from various tribes, religions and cultures but still united to spread peace and unity through singing from  Bali Island. Through PRG Choir the aim is to spread the spirit of nationalism and tolerance amongst religious people, starting from Bali, Indonesia to show to the world in the near future. Their motto is: From Bali we shake the world!  Website:


Nova Aliança – Luanda, Angola

Conductor: Rodigues António Eduardo Babi
Categories: B (Mixed Voices Choirs), D (Folk/Gospel Music)

The choir Nova Aliança was created in 2002 in the city of Luanda in Republic of Angola. It is a mixed choir composed of forty young non-professional singers. It is composed of young  people who have lived  their youth intensely in a wonderful  local church, seat of wisdom and  determination, certainly moved by the Holy Spirit of God. Together they form a beautiful choir, filling equally of the gospel´s missions  of the church.  After having explored several different repertoir as the renaissance, baroque and classical, the choir Nova Aliança is now active in typical African music and Angolan in particular. Nova Aliança sings in more than six national languages. It has performed several concerts and several training workshops both abroad, precisely in Mozambique, and within Angola. The choristers learn from many musical groups through workshops led by eminent music teachers and musicians both national and foreign professionals. The choir Nova Aliança’ has taken active part in various cultural activities, concerts and festivals organized by different cultural centers and authorities. Among others, we can mention: the 7th Juvenile Choral Festival “Vozes do Evangelho” organized by the Angolan Evangelical churches, the Gospel Festival celebrating the 393rd anniversary of the founding of the city of Benguela, Festival of church choirs at Samba in the occasion of the 435th anniversary of the city of Luanda, organized by the municipality of Samba in collaboration with local churches.


Szczecin Boys’ Choir “Slowiki” – Szczecin, Poland

Conductor: Grzegorz Handke
Categories: A (Equal Voices Choirs), C (Children and Youth Choirs), E (Sacred Music)

The Szczecin Boys’ Choir ‘Slowiki’ was established in 1960. The group very soon achieved high level and has become the best cultural ambassador of Szczecin. The choir has performed in most of European countries, as well as in countries of Africa, Asia and Oceania. The choir has numerously won prestigious international competitions and festivals. The group performs old-time and contemporary music both a capella and accompanied by instruments. The choir is still in good shape being awarded in a lot of competitions. Grzegorz Handke, one of the first members of ‘Slowiki’ since the establishment of the group, has been the director and conductor of the Szczecin Boys’ Choir ‘Slowiki’ since 2011. During last three years the choir has achieved many successes. In September of 2016 Szczecin Boys’ Choir won First Prize with Gold Diploma in the children and youth choirs’ category at the X Rimini International Choral Competition. The choir has also received six gold and three silver diplomas in other international competitions. The choir has recorded two music CD’s and an hour-long TV Caroll concert for the Polish Television. Szczecin Boys’ Choir ‘Slowiki’ has given concerts in such places as Lviv Cathedral (Ukraine), Frankfurt am Oder (Germany) and Vilnius (Lithuania). This year, the choir was awarded an Grand Prix award and two Gold Diplomas during the International Passion Music Competition in Szczecin.Website:


Pyatnashki Choir – Novosibirsk, Russia

Conductor: Svetlana Shikhovtseva, Concert Master: Natalia Tarasova
Category: C (Children and Youth Choirs)

The Choral Group Pyatnashki consists of pupils from the forth to seventh classes of the choral department of the Children’s Music School №15 in the Akademgorodok district of Novosibirsk City. They actively participate in competitions and concerts. The choir performs at the professional scenes of Novosibirsk: Grand and Chamber halls of Philharmonic A.M.Kats, the Great Hall of the State Conservatory Glinka and other stages. The repertoire of the choir consists of songs from different nations, Russian and foreign classics and modern songs. The choir has won international, all-Russian, regional and city choral competitions as International Choir Competition M.G.Klimov (Kazan’, 2018), Grand Prix “Golden Siberia” (Novosibirsk, 2018), VII International competition-festival S.Kazachkova (Kazan’, 2018), All-Russian competition of vocal and choral art “Horos” (Barnaul, 2018), All-Russian choral festival (Novosibirsk, 2019). The founder, artistic director and conductor of the Pyatnashki Choir is Svetlana Shikhovtseva, head of the choir department of the Children’s music school №15 in Novosibirsk.


Schola Cantorum Maximilianum – Józefów, Poland

Conductor: Zbigniew Siekierzyński
Category: E (Sacred Music)

Schola Cantorum Maximilianum, The City Parish Choir of Józefów, works in the parish of Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, near Warsaw, which contains 1700 parishioners. The choir exists since 1991 and consists of about 40 members. Its founder and conductor is Zbigniew Siekierzyński. The group has participated in many choir competitions, among others: The Polish Church Choirs National Contest Caecilianum in Warsaw, The National Festival of Christmas Carols in Będzin, The International Festival of Orthodox Church Music Hajnówka, The Polish National Choral Contest Ars Liturgica in Gniezno and The Festival of Sacred Music Musica Vera in Toruń. The group participated in the International Choir Competition and Festival Canco Mediterrania in 2013 (silver prize in the category Catalan music) and 2016 (gold prize in the pop music category) as well as in The Ohrid Choir Festival in 2014. The choir’s biggest accomplishment was the release of the CDs of Christmas carols Zaśnij Dziecino and of the CD of patriotic songs Umiłowana. The ensemble greatly appreciates its two participations in the Masses during a pilgrimage of Saint Pope John Paul II to Poland. The choir also took part in the musical setting of a Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI in Warsaw in 2006. The repertoire of the Schola Cantorum Maximilianum includes about 150 pieces starting from Gregorian Chants and ending with contemporary music. Website:


Girls’ Choir of „Ion Vidu” Music High School Timisoara – Timisoara, Romania

Conductor: Maria Gyuris
Category: C (Children and Youth Choirs)

The Girls’ choir of ‘Ion Vidu’ Music High School Timișoara was founded 50 years ago by professors Livia Balla and Marius Tanasescu. Since 1988, the conductor of this prestigious choir is professor Maria Gyuri. She has chosen a vast repertoire, encompassing pieces of universal and Romanian musical repertoire, in a stylistic space from the 5th century to the present day. The choir is a member of the Romanian National Coral Association since 1991 and has won important national and international awards: A Gold Medal at the International Competition and Festival in Celje (Slovenia, 1995); 1st Prize and Special Prize for the promotion of Romanian music at the National Choral Contest (Târgu-Mureş, 1999); 1st Prize in Bucharest (2001), The Grand Prix at the National Choral Contest (Piatra-Neamț, 2003); The Très bien distinction at the Montreux Choral Contest and Festival (Switzerland, 2008); Special Prize at the National Choral Olympics (Oradea, 2015); 1st Prize at the National Choral Olympics (Târgovişte, 2017); a Gold Diploma at the Istramusica Choral Festival (Croatia, 2017). The choir has received the Diploma of the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania for the promotion of Romanian choral music.


Ozornoye Koleso – Yekaterinburg, Russia

Conductor: Mariia Darmastuk
Category: D (Folk/Gospel Music)

The Folk Show Group “Ozornoe Koleso” is a concert group of Children’s Center of Folk Art, formed in 2007. The group performed for the first time at the Festival of Russian Children’s Folklore Groups in the city of Kirov in 2008, in which 25 regions of the country took part. During the first four years, the children performed in various concerts around Russia, participated in the International Festival of Folk Art in Finland and Switzerland, as well as performed together with with the Ural Folk Choir in 40 concerts. The Folk Show Group “Ozornoe Koleso” has received the Honorary Diploma of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region (2008); the Letter of Honor of the Secretary of the State Security Council of the Russian Federation (2011); the Letter of Gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region (2013), not to mention diplomas from various competitions. Here are listed some of such Diplomas: 1st Prize in Anapa, Diploma of the China Festival, Grand Prix Diploma and Golden Diploma of the XV International Competition “Artek Dawns”, 1st Prize of the Qualifying Festival “Kazachok”, 1st Prize in the Choral Competition “Ural Edelweiss” for the performance of the song “Bells” by the Ural composer E. Schekalev and text A. Darmastuk, Diploma of the II degree and at the folk festival – competition “Kuban Cossack”, the first prize for performance of the song of V. Tolkunova “My Mother” and a Diploma of the Laureate of the I degree at the All-Russian Choral Competition. In 2016 they received a Laureate diploma of the III degree of the Regional stage All-Russian choral festival. 2018 Winner of the II Prize of the regional stage of the All-Russian Choral Festival. 2018. Winner of the I Prize of the XII International Festival-Competition “Dance and Sing, Russia is Young!”, 2018. Winner of two I degrees of the II International Festival-Competition of Folk Art “May Celebrations”, in the framework of the International Forum of Children and Youth Creativity “Europe-Asia”, 2019. Laureate of the I degree in the VIII International Choir Competition of Semyon Kazatchkova of Kazan, 2019, Laureate of the II degree in the All-Russian Competition of EP Rodygina and in 2016 they received a Laureate diploma of the III degree of the Regional stage All-Russian choral festival.